Staff Spotlight: Product Specialist, Jen G.


Jen G. applied to TerraVida because she was looking for a company that values their patients and employees. “Before coming into the industry I knew very little about medical marijuana and I took it upon myself to educate myself from the basics to the specific qualifying conditions and how certain products could work for them.” she stated.

Prior to her training as a Product Specialist, Jen worked as a Case Manager for children with mental health diagnoses; a majority of them dealing with PTSD or autism. “My interest in medical marijuana stemmed from researching how this alternative approach could provide them with some relief.” The knowledge she gained peaked her interest in the industry and drover her to get her foot in the door.

For Jen, working in a dispensary provides the opportunity to interact with patients in the PA Medical Marijuana Program, listening to their stories, and working with them on their journey with cannabis. “Working with people to come up with a plan that will benefit them, when they have lost hope in modern medicine, makes my day worthwhile.”

When Jen isn’t in Malvern assisting patients, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Welcome to the TerraVida Team, Jen!

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