TerraVida - Small Business Spotlight

TerraVida’s President, Chris Visco

TerraVida’s President, Chris Visco

What is your education background?  

Born and raised in Montgomery County, Chris first attended Plymouth Whitemarsh HS and then studied psychology at Drexel University.

What is your work background - before owning your own business?

After college, Chris took a job as an Assistant Store Manager at a curtain store, fully expecting retail to be a temporary career path, but led into a career. Chris went on to be a Buyer for Boscov’s Department Stores for 9 years, followed by David’s Bridal for 8 years.

What drove you to branch out and own your own business?

Preferring action over procrastination, the corporate environment, where more was discussed then executed, was increasingly frustrating for Chris. In 2006, Chris joined the management team of Performance Lighting, a manufacturer of task lighting.

What business have you owned in the past?

After 3 years of operating her manufacturing company, the economy crashed. Planning for the future, Chris started a small marketing firm which promoted restaurants in the Philadelphia area. The company soon grew into a social media marketing firm promoting small businesses, educating teachers, parents and children, and promoting political candidates. As the demand for marketing in political races increased, Chris’s firm divided into separate entities.

In 2015, a local farmer’s market with 14 small businesses received notice that their building was being sold and they must vacate after 25 years. Chris’ social media team jumped into action and found a builder who relocated the market and raised money for moving expenses. After becoming a part of the community in the market, in 2016 Chris decided to fill the only void in the market, and opened a bakery. Chris continued to run all 3 small businesses until 2017. After being awarded a medical marijuana license in Pennsylvania’s incredibly competitive application process in June, the bakery was sold and the marketing company phased out.

Why Medical Marijuana?

Chris has always been a believer in marijuana and a user in her earlier years. After watching as the country started to embrace the plant as medicine, watching videos of children with epilepsy, and following the legislation in Pennsylvania, her interest peaked.

It was Chris’ business partners who really led the charge to move forward. After looking into the process, it became apparent that big money businesses from out of state were headed into Pennsylvania. As a community activist, the idea of huge corporations coming into her community, paying low wages and charging high prices, was enough to convince Chris that she needed to follow through and apply in order to ensure high paying jobs and the lowest possible prices for patients.

How has Medical Marijuana helped/affected you personally?

Chris is also a patient. Having suffered from migraines, insomnia and severe neck pain for years, marijuana has changed Chris’ life. Chris’ favorite strain for headaches is Pineapple Express. She also uses THC cream and micro doses Hell’s OG vape, Mazar or Joliet Jake during the day. Each night, an hour before bed, Chris takes a 10mg THC capsule and now sleeps 5-6 hours a night instead of 2-3 hours. She feels energized when she wakes up and has lost 28 pounds as a result.

What are some things you enjoy doing outside of TerraVida?

When she’s not working, Chris enjoys spending time with her three children, entertaining and traveling.