Employee Spotlight: Marc S.

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Marc craved change after five years employed in a high-stress corporate environment where he assisted dealerships and related companies across the United States with inventory management software. “While the work itself was no issue, mentally I was not passionate about my occupation or about my career path working within the automotive industry,” he said. With friends employed in the cannabis industry out in California, it took all his power to suppress his urges to pack up and move out west as there were no opportunities within Pennsylvania that would allow him to pursue his passions.

The moment Pennsylvania passed ACT 16, which allowed for the current Medical Marijuana Program to commence, he realized that he can convert his dreams into a tangible career. As the program continued to evolve to include flower, he assisted his loved one with obtaining her Pennsylvania medical marijuana card, and accompanied her to the TerraVida Malvern location.  “She really enjoyed the initial experience and after seeing additional positive reviews of TerraVida online, I realized there was something different about TerraVida as a company and as an atmosphere that I felt would be a much better fit for me,” he said. He had made the decision to quit his job and pursued a path of helping others.

Marc has been an avid supporter of the cannabis industry for over ten years, as his knowledge and expertise is evident in his interactions as a Product Specialist. “I have always had a natural desire to educate myself and stay as up to date and informed as possible on all matters regarding medical marijuana,” he stated. He has experienced first-hand how this plant has provided an relief to those who are suffering, regardless of the stigma associated with marijuana. Marc suffers from diabetes and neuropathy and uses cannabis to manage his symptoms. “My grandmother found relief from her chemotherapy during her fight with pancreatic cancer, as well as my uncle who treated his chronic pain associated with his dialysis treatments.” Although they had both lost their battles, Marc knows that using this holistic medicine elevated their quality of life.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Marc is a Philly Boy at heart who loves his city’s sports teams and a good ol’ fashioned cheesesteak. During his free time, he enjoys play video games, traveling, and writing. “I also enjoy singing the praises of cannabis to all that will listen, and I love glass art (ask him about his Scoz Glass Skull pendy)!” he exclaimed.

Welcome to the team, Marc!

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