Employee Spotlight: Scott G.

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Scott G. was introduced to the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana program as a patient back in August. Being the closest location to him, he decided he would choose TerraVida Holistic Centers in Abington as his first dispensary trip in the Commonwealth. Like many new patients, he entered the facility with a mixture of thoughts and feelings ranging from apprehension to excitement.“I immediately felt welcome”, Scott said. “It was more than just a kind word and a gesture; it was the sincerity of the staff that drew me in.”  His stress was instantly quelled by the empathetic and understanding tone of his consultation, and felt his experiences with TerraVida were well above expectation.

“The way people treat each other is valuable to me and I wanted to be a part of a team that exudes that genuine care and focus,” he stated. Although his career background lies in fabrication, restaurants, and technical sales, Scott knew that his personal experience would allow him to convey the same passion to the patients he works with.

Over a decade ago, Scott experienced a back injury which left him with debilitating chronic pain. He was taking the max daily doses of ibuprofen in conjunction with pain killers. Eventually, as his tolerance grew, he graduated to stronger pain killers, and began to feel the negative effects it was taking on his health. “I was in such a vague state that it was difficult to tell if my conditions were improving, or just getting worse from all the pills,” he said. “There always seemed to be another prescription to try with little guarantee of anything but side effects.”

Fed up with the years of doctors appointments and medications that don’t seem to help, Scott began looking into more natural approaches to his pain relief. By utilizing medical marijuana, he has been able to reduce his use of NSAIDs by 60%, as well as ceased the use of painkillers altogether. “One of the most invaluable things I've gained from this treatment is the benefit of a more positive mental state,” he stated.

When he isn’t at the dispensary, you will often find Scott arms deep into building or fix something, whether that be guitars, computers, car modifications, or elaborate cardboard structures for his cat. He’s also been playing guitar - and even synthesizers - for over 20 years. “If the TV's on it’s usually either one of many video games, or an amazing old British comedy like 'Are You Being Served?'” he said. He is also a fan of cooking, philosophy, and cooking philosophy.

Welcome to the Team, Scott!

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