What To Expect On Your First Patient Consultation With Our Medical Professional


What can patients expect on their first visit to our medical marijuana dispensary in Sellersville? 

On your first visit to our medical marijuana dispensary:

1)   You will need your physical patient/caregiver medical marijuana ID card you received in the mail, along with a secondary ID (drivers license, or a valid state ID) to enter the dispensary. 

2)   Please bring a list of current medications you are using, as it will be very helpful for our pharmacists to get a comprehensive understanding of your conditions.

3)   Please come in about 10-15 minutes before your appointment, as you will be asked to fill out a patient intake form before your consultation.

4)   Your initial consultation is for you to meet with our medical professional on site, who will be the person recommending your monthly refill for medical marijuana (unless your recommending physician stated a specific dosage). You will sit down with our medical professional, who will go through your medical history and symptoms, in order to give you a holistic treatment plan for your unique lifestyle.

5)   You are only required this first consultation, which is required to determine an effective method and dosage for you. After you have received your initial recommendation and you are satisfied with your method and dosage, you won’t need to have another consultation before you can purchase your monthly cannabis. However, if you decide your dosage wasn’t right for you and you would like to change certain things, you will need to schedule another consultation with our medical professional in order to change your recommendation. All consultations with medical professionals on site are complementary.

6)   If you are closer to one of our other dispensaries that will be opening in March (Abington and Malvern) you are more than welcome to complete your initial consultation in Sellersville and continue purchasing products in our other dispensaries for your next visits (you won’t need to repeat your consultation).

7)   Unfortunately, we do not currently have our complete variety of products as we only have one distributor for this harvest cycle. We will have a larger assortment of products as more approved grower/processors come to market within the next couple of weeks and months. As of now, we only have cannabis concentrates, RSO syringes, vaporizers (disposable and cartridges), and limited capsules. As the growers expand production, our assortment will grow. In a short time, we are expecting to have different types of topicals, patches, creams, tinctures, lotions & ointments.

8)   We are only accepting cash. Our individual items range from $25 - $80. The total price you pay for a 30 day supply depends entirely on your consultation with our pharmacist, who will absolutely work with you to determine the appropriate dosage. We will have an ATM on site.

9)   Each recommendation will be given a monthly dosage that you may fill entirely on your first visit, or throughout the month. You are only limited by the dosage in your recommendation. You are not limited in the amount of times you may visit the dispensary and purchase products, as long as you haven’t reached your monthly limit.

TerraVida is thrilled to be able to connect with you for your medical cannabis needs. If there are any additional questions that we did not cover here, please feel free to email us at info@terravidahc.com, or contact us at our dispensary directly or at our headquarters.

Sellersville: 215-257-3243

Heaquarters: 215-836-1535

We look forward to meeting each and every one of you.

TerraVida Holistic Centers Team