Grower/Processor Spotlight: Cresco Yeltrah


Cresco Yeltrah is a company that originated from the combination of Cresco Labs, a leader in medical cannabis based in the Midwest and the Hartley family in Southwest Pennsylvania. The Hartley family has an interest in local business and owns locations offering glass distribution, steel fabrication and refractory services. Cresco Yeltrah has a 46,000-plus square feet cultivation and manufacturing site in Brookville, PA where their products are grown and from there shipped to both their own dispensaries, as well as others such as TerraVida Holistic Centers.

If you have purchased a product from Cresco Yeltrah, you may be familiar with their product product lines; Rise, Refresh, Rest, and Remedi.

The Remedi product line is mostly comprised of CBD and 1:1 ratios. All Remedi products are focused on non-inhalation, medical delivery systems with low or no THC. Most of the Remedi products are formulated to address the medical condition without giving the patient euphoria.

Cresco Yeltrah has three color coded collections of products. The Rise collection are Sativa or daytime products, the Rest collection are Indica, or evening products and the Refresh collection are hybrid strains (Indica and Sativa) with balancing effects. 

Additionally, the "Reserve" line is a line of premium cannabis derived terpene products. 

cresco pic-1.jpg

Cresco values patient safety and satisfaction as well as regulatory compliance. All products are lab tested twice before arrival to the dispensaries. They are tested to ensure that they have no pesticides, microbials, mycotoxins, solvents, foreign matter and heavy metals. Terpenes and cannabinoids are also tested. Cannabinoids refer to the components of the cannabis plants such as THCA, THC and CBD.

TerraVida currently has Cresco RSO, concentrates (live resin, wax, live sugar and shatter) as well as vaporizers in stock. To see our full menu, you may visit: https://www.terravidahc.com/our-menu/.