Public Transportation Routes for TerraVida Holistic Centers


Abington 1626 Old York Road, Abington, PA 19001

We are so excited to announce that, after a long wait and much anticipation, our Abington location is now officially OPEN! We are overjoyed that this location is easily accessible by public transportation with several optional routes to take you right to our dispensary. Public transportation typically takes about 45 minutes from Philadelphia stations.

Regional Rail (TrailPass, Ticket, Cash)

Warminster Line---> stop: Crestmont

The Warminster Line is a great way to access our dispensary in Abington (1626 Old York Road). The train runs every hour (:10) and is a direct line from Jefferson, Suburban, or 30th Street stations. The journey lasts about 38 minutes from Jefferson Station, and Crestmont Station is about a 8-10 minute walk to our dispensary. Individual tickets are $6 at the train station or $7 cash on the train. Round-trip rates available. (SEPTA)

IMPORTANT: Crestmont is a “fly-by station” on SEPTA’s schedule, meaning that you will have to let the train conductor know that you are getting off at Crestmont. Otherwise, they will stop next in Willow Grove. There is also an “F” indicated on the schedule that this is a fly-by station.

The full schedule can be found here: https://www.septa.org/schedules/rail/pdf/war.pdf )

Below are walking instructions for after you get out at the train station.

SEPTA Public Transportation (SEPTA Key, Transpass, Single Ride, Cash)

Another convenient option for travelers is using the Broad Street Line (BSL) to Olney Transportation Center and getting on the #55 bus right to our doorstep. This option would be the minimal walking route for those who are not comfortable being on their feet. The #55 bus is right above the BSL and can drop you off about 25 feet from our dispensary. Additionally, the BSL runs every 15 minutes and #55 bus runs every 10 minutes, so there is virtually constant access. BSL: $2.50, #55 bus: $2.50, total: $5.

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BSL Schedule 

BSL Schedule 

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