TerraVida Employee Spotlight: Karen P.



For Karen, the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program is not just a new and exciting industry to pursue a career,  but something that affects her personally.

“Some time ago, my mom was diagnosed and sick from cancer. To relieve her suffering from her cancer treatments, I was able to obtain cannabis-infused skin cream. The cream made all of the difference in her quality of life, as well as her mental state,” she stated. Her mother’s illness not only altered her mom’s life, but changed Karen as well. “I wanted to bring this relief my mom experienced to others who were also in severe discomfort.”

Due to the then-legislation, which criminalized the use to all cannabis products, she felt her hands were tied. But then in 2016, when Pennsylvania passed ACT 16, legalizing Medical Marijuana in the state, Karen stayed focused on the program’s development and decided to apply to TerraVida. As a Patient Care Coordinator, she was finally able to contribute and make the difference she always hoped to make.

Karen hoped that TerraVida, as a woman-owned business,  would become a safe, healing place for those like her mother. “Now that I am part of the Terravida family,  I see my mother in every patient we serve and am truly honored to help people on their healing journey with cannabis medicine.  We change lives for the better every day. Isn't that beautiful?”

All of her hard work has paid off, as she has recently been promoted to Assistant Store Manager. 

Congratulations, Karen! We couldn't be more proud to have you on our team.