Terravida Employee Spotlight: Kristin H.


Here at TerraVida, we thrive on the energy and passion that our employees exude. To us, our team members are the backbone of our company and are what makes the TerraVida experience stand out to Pennsylvania medical marijuana patients.

For Product Specialist Kristin, medical marijuana gives her a positive and holistic alternative to more synthetic options. “I know I can treat ailments that I have with something natural and something that won’t develop into a potential life-threatening addiction. It’s a miracle drug. I truly believe this,” she stated.  

Kristin prides herself on the education that she can provide to patients. “I enjoy seeing the the benefits of the mind and body of the product for a patient; when they let go of the stigma of ‘marijuana’. This is why I chose to do this.”

Kristin fervently believes that with cannabis, one can live a happy and productive life, whether they suffer from a mild case of anxiety to severe cancer.

“I applied to TerraVida because I could see that they were going to be a force in the industry,” she said. “The knowledge that everyone possesses is priceless.” Although she has learned a lot from her experience so far at TerraVida, she continues to keep learning. “It's a great team to be a part of.”

You can catch Kristin with a smile on her face at our Abington location. Welcome to the TerraVida Team!


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