Testimonial of the Week


I have been using medical marijuana since April 2018. At first I wasn’t sure it was making a difference. Then I started noticing small changes. Now 4 months later I have noticed major changes. What many people take for granted are now things that I can again accomplish. I am a diabetic and have eosinophilia myalgia syndrome. I was poisoned by the contaminated tryptophan 33 years ago. My life has been a living hell since the poisoning. I was pregnant and it took a total of 7 years to get diagnosed. EMS affects the nerves, muscles, blood system and causes arthritis & cognitive issues.

What I can do now after 33 years again is swim faster, walk faster, bend over to tie my shoes, lift my legs so I can put on my socks. The inflammation is down to a bearable level. What is really exciting is I haven’t had a fall since taking the medical marijuana. Falls were a part of my world. Not falling is huge since it can negatively affect so many other things. My chiropractor was praying I would find something to stop the falls. I could easily reach 15 bad falls a year. I can now bend over, pick something off the ground and even find it is much easier to get up from the floor or a chair using my legs and arms. I no longer have to hoist myself up while holding onto something sturdy. I am not 100% sure, but it also might be behind my decrease in chemical sensitivity. Last summer I was reacting to something in my water and had skin rashes from head to foot. This summer I have few rashes.

I am walking with confidence. No longer dragging my feet which overall makes me a much happier person and a much more productive psychologist for my patients. I thank everyone, every day who helped to make medical marijuana legal.