Employee Spotlight: Greg B.

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Greg B.’s background in the cannabis industry stems from his time in school as an advocate for the plant. Attending the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, where he received his PharmD, “I have always believed cannabis had medicinal benefits since Pharmacy School, and now I can show and educate the masses,” he exclaimed.

 After graduating, Greg worked as a Hospital Pharmacist at Nazareth Hospital and then at a hospice call center at Enclara Pharmacia. After some time, he began to feel as though he could do more. In August, he heard about TerraVida Holistic Centers and knew this was the route he wanted to take with life. He was presented the opportunity to explore this field, and took it!

 Although he is not a Pennsylvania medical marijuana patient yet, he is able to see the benefits medical marijuana provides that will be useful for him the in future. “Even though I do not need it myself, the impact that I’ve seen on patients gives me tremendous personal satisfaction!” he stated. Greg feels to be able to watch people get the relief they need and deserve when current pharmacological therapies have failed.

When he isn’t helping patients as one of our medical professionals, he enjoys playing music, powerlifting, and spending time with his two kids. “I play drums, guitar, and piano so I’m always looking for people to jam with,” he said. He also used to compete in powerlifting for fun, but now takes part in it for the numerous health benefits.  His son and daughter, 10 and 8 respectively, tend to keep him very busy outside of work as well! You can catch Greg floating between our various locations.

Welcome to the team, Greg!

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