Employee Spotlight: Gus C.


After leaving his position at Apple Computers, a friend and patient informed Gus C. that TerraVida was hiring. After doing some research into the company, he was impressed by the atmosphere and they values that the company held.

After becoming a patient in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program, he had been new to cannabis and intended to use it to mitigate pain from an old injury. The results he had were nothing but positive, and he even had some additional effects.  “My entire life I have been a chronic insomniac,” he stated. “Now that I’ve discovered cannabis, it allowed me to keep a regular sleep schedule for the first time in thirty years!” Now as one of our Customer Service Representatives, he can give back to the company and assist those who are just starting their journey in medical marijuana.

During his free time, Gus is a sculptor, musician, amateur puppeteer, “terrible” magician, and runs a small business making props and masks for independent films, haunted houses, and cosplayers. He is also in the midst of working on an independent comic that he hoped to publish this year!

Welcome to the team, Gus!

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