Staff Spotlight: Desiree M.

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Desiree first discovered TerraVida through close friends. “They would always rave about the warm experience and knowledgeable staff,” she said. As she continued her research into the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana program and its dispensaries, she found herself connecting with the values of not only TerraVida, but of our Owner/President, Chris Visco. “I admire her for being an inspiration as the first woman to own a cannabis dispensary in Pennsylvania.”  

Much of Desiree’s background in cannabis stems from her own research. “I’ve been patiently waiting for legal medical marijuana to come to our state, and now myself, friends, and family can benefit from this holistic approach for all different types of ailments.”

“Medical marijuana has humbled me; I have seen first-hand how the medicine have affected patients’ both physically and mentally, allowing for a better quality of life,” she stated. As a Patient Care Coordinator, Desiree is one of the first faces that patients see walking into the dispensary, and the one that they say goodbye to when leaving. “I get to see numerous patients on a daily basis and watch their journey as they transform from someone who is suffering from debilitating pain or anxiety, to becoming a productive and genuinely happy person again.”

When Desiree isn’t assisting patients in Abington, she loves spending time with her two sons, her boyfriend, and her mother. She also loves to swim for exercise!

Welcome to the team, Desiree!