National Caregiver Day

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The Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program was signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf, which authorized the Pennsylvania Department of Health to create the Office of Medical Marijuana. Under the Medical Marijuana Program, patients, who are residents of the commonwealth and have a serious medical condition as certified by a physician will be able to obtain medical marijuana at approved dispensaries in the commonwealth with their Department-issued medical marijuana ID card.

Caregivers may serve patients under the age of 18 and patients who are unable to obtain medical marijuana product without assistance.

A patient can designate a caregiver to obtain their medical marijuana product. A caregiver must be at least 21 years old, register with the Department, complete a background check and be issued their own medical marijuana ID card. Minors, homebound individuals and patients with a designated caregiver will have the caregiver obtain their medical marijuana product at an approved dispensary. A registered caregiver may be designated by up to 5 patients and a patient can designate up to 2 caregivers.

No Card for Minors:
No qualified patient under the age of 18 will be issued an ID card; minors will have a designated caregiver who may be a parent, legal guardian, or a designee approved by the Department.

Homebound Patients:
Patients unable to obtain medical marijuana independently will not be issued an ID card. Patients who are homebound will have a designated caregiver to obtain their medical marijuana.

Caregivers that want to participate in the medical marijuana program must follow these steps:

  1. Before registering, ensure that the patient has a certification number. You will need the patient's ID number and date of birth to complete the caregiver registration process. Enter this information on the  Patients and Caregivers Registry screen. If you have already registered and are not linked with the patient, the patient will need to sign into their account and click the "Manage Caregivers" tab to add you. If you are not associated with a patient who has an active certification, you will not be able to purchase medical marijuana on their behalf at a dispensary.

  2. All individuals registering to become a caregiver in Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program must complete an annual federal background check as part of the approval process, per Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Act of 2016. The Commonwealth’s vendor for digital fingerprinting is IdentoGO. Pre-enrollment with IdentoGO is required. Once enrolled, you may either schedule an appointment or walk-in during the location’s posted hours of operation.

    During pre-enrollment, you will be asked if you have an authorization code (may also be called a service code). Please allow 4-6 weeks for the approval process. You will receive an email when your caregiver application has been approved or denied.

    Click the link below to pre-enroll with IdentoGO, and then click Schedule or Manage Appointments.

  3. If you are a caregiver for a minor but not the patient's parent, legal guardian or spouse, you should be designated as a third-party caregiver by the patient or patient's legal guardian or spouse. It is recommended that you get an 'authorization to designate a third-party caregiver' form completed.

  4. Return to the Patient and Caregiver Registry and pay for a caregiver ID card. There is a $50 fee for this and your card should arrive within 1-2 weeks.


Important Registration Links:

IdentoGO: https://uenroll.identogo.com

Adult Patient Registration:  https://padohmmp.custhelp.com/app/adult-patient-caregiver-registration

Caregiver Registration for Individuals Requiring In-Home Support, For a Minor, or For a Person With a Disability (New Caregiver Registering for Existing Patient): https://padohmmp.custhelp.com/app/minor-homebond-patient-caregiver-registration

Caregiver Registration for Individuals Requiring In-Home Support, For a Minor, or For a Person With a Disability (New Caregiver Registering for NEW Patient): https://padohmmp.custhelp.com/app/minor-patient-registration

Useful Caregiver Information:

  • Find your caregiver ID# by clicking the Profile Settings tab.

  • You will be prompted to pay for your ID card after background check completion and approval by the Office of Medical Marijuana.

  • Initiate a background check by clicking the Profile Settings tab and clicking the ‘Access Background Check Information’ button.

  • ID cards are mailed within 2 business days of payment.

  • ID cards are mailed to the address you provided when registering.

    As always, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@terravidahc.com or 215-836-1535 with any questions.

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