Employee Promotion Spotlight: Assistant Manager, Carolyn C.

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Carolyn C.’s passion for holistic healing is what drew her into Pennsylvania's Medical Marijuana Industry. “I felt, and still feel strongly about alternative methods to healing, and knew medicinal cannabis would drastically change the lives and health of Pennsylvanians,” she said. “I wanted to be a part of it in any way I could.”

Being the only women-owned dispensary in Pennsylvania, Carolyn knew that she wanted to work for TerraVida Holistic Centers, in particular; strongly holding the belief that supporting women as business leaders supports the rest of society. “As soon as I interviewed, I could tell this dispensary was different from the others I was applying to.  There was an attention to detail and a welcoming feeling that, in my biased opinion, set it above others,” she stated.

Medical marijuana has played an important part in her own health, allowing for a drastic improvement in her quality of life. “For the past ten years, I have been dealing with certain hormonal and inflammatory conditions, often resulting in painful skin flare ups and generalized pain,” she said. These symptoms had required her to go on months of constant antibiotics, which in turn affected her health negatively, and ultimately inspired her to explore alternative nutrition and medicine. “Using many of the CBD products available, primarily vaporizer cartridges and Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), I have been able to manage my symptoms far better than I have been able to in the past.”

Although she had no formal work experience in the cannabis industry, Carolyn credits all her knowledge to research, as well as the training TerraVida provided. “I was hired along with thirteen other people and learned about the science and application methods of medical marijuana, as well as the company’s standards on patient-focused care.” She felt that her priority was and continues to be ensuring patients receive the best possible attention, care, and information when choosing their medicine for their specific condition.  Carolyn has put in the time, the effort, and the commitment necessary to provide the best experience she can for each patient she works with at TerraVida, and has the career growth to prove it! She has worked her way up from Product Specialist to Shift-Lead, followed by Third-Key, and has most recently been promoted to the Assistant Manager of our Malvern location!

When she isn’t working, Carolyn likes going out with her friends and sleeping in as late as possible. She enjoys reading and researching  about holistic health and wellness. “My new obsession is celery juice - everyone needs to try it,” she stated. She loves spending time outdoors (as long as it’s above 60 degrees!), participating in social justice work with a focus on women’s rights, and working on her own writing and media projects.

Congratulations, Carolyn! We are so proud to have you on our team.

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