Employee Spotlight: Calina N.

Calina N 2.JPG

Calina N. was fully introduced to the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana program through a friend. While seeking new employment within a positive environment, one of her friends sent her the an ‘hiring advertisement’ TerraVida had posted. “At first I thought they were joking with me considering my interest in cannabis, however searching through the website and after conducting a little more research I found this was a legitimate place.” she said.

Since this discovery, the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program has had an extremely positive impact on Calina’s life. Thanks to the medicine, Calina has been able to control her painful flare-ups in her Coccyx, caused by a fall she endured as a child. She has also noticed its ability to guide her through anxiety attacks, and keep her focused on tasks. “Aside from the personal benefits, the most important thing cannabis has done is keeping my father alive and well considering his condition.” Calina’s father suffers from an autoimmune disease called Dermatomyositis; an inflammatory disease marked by muscle weakness and skin rashes. Using this holistic approach, his medications have not been as intensive and no longer needs high doses of steroids to keep his muscles effective.” she stated.

“I like to think of myself as a multi-talented and expressly creative person.” Calina said. When she isn’t working at TerraVida, she may be caught working on bits of art work, reading interesting books and articles, exercising, or playing video games! Be sure to say hi to her as she floats between our Abington location and corporate offices.

Welcome to the team, Calina!