Employee Promotion Spotlight: Director of Education, Ryan G.

Ryan G.png

In July of 2014, Ryan initially moved to Colorado to pursue a career in the cannabis industry. Starting out as a Budtender, he found himself managing a dispensary by the end of the following year. “It was a fun mom and pop shop whose success was reliant on high quality medicine and the best customer service in the area.” He mentions, “many of my previous studies in psychology and systems were put into practice there, while many new skills had to be developed quickly.” There he learned that adaptability is essential to navigating the medical cannabis industry. Experience aside, his fascination with the plant is the real reason he is here. “It has been the most effective remedy for nearly every health problem I've encountered, and an effective daily tool for me. " Cannabis is an integral part of my well being and can be as much an art as it is a science.”

 Ryan originally joined the TerraVida team because he felt that the medical program in Pennsylvania was having a greater impact on its patients than the Colorado industry. He thirsted for new challenges and saw TerraVida as a way to test and sharpen his skills, as well as an opportunity to help develop a powerful force of healing in a community. Up until January of this year, Ryan was the Manager at the TerraVida Malvern location. “My true role was developing a self reliant team that offered consistent high quality service to our patients. The most important thing I did was empowering a group of already capable people and enabling them to carve out their niche in a new industry in their hometown. Their confidence and thirst for knowledge set us apart in the Pennsylvania industry.”

Medical Marijuana has been a tool for Ryan physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Cannabis has helped him keep a more regular diet which stems into my daily well being, and produces fast-acting and long-lasting relief without side effects when he experiences G.I. tract issues. He has also been able to manage both anxiety and depression through medical marijuana without any assistance of SSRIs or mood regulating medication. On a more spiritual level, he uses it as a tool to look at himself and his day from multiple perspectives. “With focus it enables me to take a more comprehensive approach to problems, and handle things head on when I can fully understand them by seeing them in their ‘exploded view’.” he said.

In his new role as Educational Director, Ryan feels fortunate that he has the opportunity and responsibility of reaching a large portion of Pennsylvania’s patient base. “I look forward to spreading high quality accurate information that will empower the average cannabis patient to effectively use it as a medicine and regain control of their well being.” he stated. “There is an opportunity to help people at the root of their problems, where many existing methods are focused on the leaves.”  He fervently believes that by helping people become capable of creating better lives for themselves, we are leaving the world better than we found it.

“I've been known to go on 5 hour knowledge binges which is how I accumulate all of my useless and useful knowledge.” He will research the newest studies on medical advancements, chemistry, space travel, etc. Other days he is more recluse and finds joy in taking his dog on walks or holing up with his favorite PC games.

 We are lucky to have you, Ryan!