Employee Spotlight: Cathie, VP of Dispensary Operations


Cathie C. had the unique opportunity of seeing TerraVida Holistic Centers from its earliest conception to the unique group of dispensaries it is today. She knew that by getting involved, she could make her mark in Pennsylvania and be a part of something genuinely good. “I knew that the [TerraVida] team was second-to-none, and the fact that it is a woman owned and operated business was a huge plus for me as well,” she stated. With over twenty years of accumulated experience in retail and wholesale, she is now employed as the Vice President of Dispensary Operations of TerraVida Holistic Centers.

Cathie’s love for people and passion about medical marijuana is something that makes her look forward to coming to work everyday. “It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful this plant is,” Cathie said. “By taking the time to interact with patients, I am able to see and hear the impact this medicine has had on them-and I never hesitate to share my story either.” As a patient herself, she has been able to wean herself off of some of her prescription medications and actually enjoy a full night’s sleep by using medical marijuana!

TerraVida’s philanthropic work was also a big draw for Cathie.“I used to be a part of FAMM (Families Against Mandatory Minimums), and the stories I would hear from members were inspirational.” FAMM’s mission is focused on justice reform by creating urgency around the issue of unjust sentencing and prison policies. She wanted to continue this through this industry, and became a board member of TerraVida VOWD (Victims of the War on Drugs), a non-profit focused on expunging marijuana-related records to seek employment in the cannabis industry, assist those who have been victimized by the drug war and subsidize higher education.

When Cathie isn’t working , she finds happiness with being with her family and eating great food. “I was lucky enough to become a mom early in life when I met my husband and his five-year-old son.” Fast forward to the present, she is also the mom of a now eighteen year old and a grandmother to three boys. “I love spending time with the grandkids and going on adventures! My husband and I are also self-proclaimed foodies, and love going out to eat and discovering new restaurants.”

We are so happy to have you as part of the team, Cathie!