7/10: Origins and Usage

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What is 710?

Nearly all of us giggle a little inside when we see 420.  Whether it’s the exit on the highway or your order number for lunch, there is an internal association we all share with one another.  So what’s this 710 thing? While 420 has its ties to cannabis in the flower form, 710 is it’s concentrate cousin. In the image above, you can see that when 710 is inverted it now reads OIL. The legal medical and recreational markets nationwide have allowed patients to explore the concentrated forms of cannabis.  Although 420 celebrates cannabis in general, for those who prefer concentrates 710 has its own special connotation.


How 710 Came To Be

At this point, there is a fair amount of evidence that the Waldos of Marin county were the origin of 420.  While that may or may not be true, there is no clear “founder” of 710. Being as connected as we are in the age of information concepts that grow quickly. Now more than ever, people are feeling comfortable speaking openly about cannabis. It would be quite a feat to track down the true origin of 710. 


Dabbing: How To Medicate With Concentrates

Concentrates have very little plant matter content, if any at all. While some vaporizers are capable of vaporizing concentrate, there are tools designed exclusively for concentrates. Usually a dab tool, which looks similar to a dentist’s pick or a clay carving tool, is used to pick up and apply the concentrate. These can be made from glass, titanium, stainless steel or ceramic.


For concentrate pens, the “dab” would be applied near or carefully on the coil.  After re-attaching the mouthpiece, it is ready to vaporize. Hold down the button to apply heat directly to the concentrate.  Each hand held vaporizer will take a little getting used to, as they all have different components and will heat up at different rates.

The terms “nail” and “rig” refer to the heatable surface and water pipe respectively.  Nails are made from titanium, ceramic, or quartz and come in a variety of styles. We will explore these in detail in a future post.  The nail is either manually heated with a blowtorch and allowed to cool to an appropriate temperature or kept at an ideal temperature via a heated metal coil, also called an e-nail.  


Once the nail is properly heated, the dab tool with concentrate would be applied to the hot surface.  It is moved around to heat the concentrate as evenly as possible, and promote smooth vapor production.  A dab is usually inhaled over 2-5 pulls depending on how hot the nail was.


Carb caps are an accessory that are used to control the direction of the airflow to the nail, as well as maintain the temperature of the nail longer.  Having control over these two factors allows someone to dab at a lower temperature without wasting their product, in turn leading to a more flavorful and enjoyable experience. Also, being able to lower the temperature can reduce the irritation of the vapor.

In Conclusion

710 is more than just a subculture of 420. It is a celebration of a wonderful blend of chemistry and craft!  It’s a new depth that aficionados and connoisseurs can enjoy and explore. With a plant that promotes a spirit of unity, perhaps it is best we appreciate all forms of cannabis. Just like humans, its the variety that makes the world go round. Stay tuned for more 710 posts to come!  We will be exploring the live extraction process as well as the different types of concentrates.

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