Employee Spotlight: Kevin K.


“Applying at TerraVida was an amazing opportunity I could not pass up; a chance to help those in Pennsylvania to receive the medication they need and deserve,” Kevin said.  

After several years in California, where he worked in the Television and Film Industry as a Production Assistant on shows such as The Office and Sons of Anarchy, as well as writing for the ID Discovery Channel, Kevin K. decided to return to Pennsylvania to be with his family. Here he was introduced to the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program as a caregiver for his parents, both of whom were diagnosed with breast cancer. “I watched how this plant had such positive impacts on those in the California program, as well as my own parents’ journey here in Pennsylvania,” he stated.

“I was able to see the difference cannabis made for those actively fighting or recovering from cancer and other serious health conditions.” Now as a patient and Product Specialist, he has first-handedly experienced the incredible effects that medical marijuana has on his physical and mental health. “I’m proud to be on the ground floor of a program that has changed so many lives for the better.”

When he is not at work, Kevin loves spending time with his girlfriend, who works diligently as a music therapist, or with his large family, which includes his two sisters, their significant others, and five kids! He also enjoys conversing with and educating people about finding relief from medical marijuana.

Welcome to the team, Kevin!

Alayna RyanComment