Employee Spotlight: Steve C.

Steve C2.jpg

Steve C. was in complete disbelief when ACT 16, the law allowing for the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana program to become a reality, passed in 2016. “ Every time a bill had been brought up in the past there was never any action which always brought so much disappointment. I was afraid this would be more of the same, however, when it finally happened it was just pure elation.” he stated.

As an advocate of medical marijuana, Steve couldn’t be more excited to be a part of history. “In the past I have volunteered time to petition for medical marijuana legislation, as well as participated in several rallies and letter-writing campaigns.” he said.  Steve had registered with the Department of Health as a patient the day the website went live, and made his doctor’s appointment soon after. When he first walked into TerraVida Holistic Centers in Abington, he experienced an overwhelming sense of relief and comfort.

For Steve, this holistic medicine has been an integral part of his daily life. “To now be able to legally obtain my medicine has been incredible for me.” he stated. Due to his qualifying condition, he suffers from severe stomach cramping. Medical marijuana allows for him to correct his appetite, as well as assist in sleeping during his flare-ups. The stories he hears from patients about how medical marijuana has improved their lives has been a rewarding aspect of his career. “I just wish that more people could hear them and see the dramatic difference that it makes in the everyday lives of the patients of the program.”

When Steve isn’t in the office as Data Entry Specialist, he works as a professional wrestler, as well as performs as part of a hip-hop group called Critical Mass. “Performing is one of my favorite things in the world in general, but I get different joy out of each activity I do.” he said.

As a wrestler, Steve portrays his alternate persona, Rich $teve. “I get to be a completely different person; by playing the antagonist in the ring, I enjoy the looks on fans faces when their favorite wrestler ‘beats me’”, he said.  On the other hand, his music gives him a platform to express himself in whatever way he feels fit. “My music has a message and any chance that I get to perform my songs and share that experience with an audience is something that I treasure.”

Thanks for being a part of the team, Steve!