Feature Friday: Welcome to the team, Jenny!


“In December 2015, I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. While this news is devastating, somehow, you pick up the puddle that is you and with the amazing support of those who love you, you forge onward.” Patient Care Coordinator, Jenny B., understands first-hand what many Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana patients deal with daily.

After multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and continuing endocrine therapy, Jenny realizes that the experience has changed her forever, and that the hard part has yet to begin. “The cumulative effects of the experience, both physical and emotional, are lingering and insidious. While you look normal and even healthy on the outside, most of the time you are hanging by a thread trying to adjust to your 'new normal'.”

Anxiety, depression, severe joint pain, neuropathy, and insomnia are byproducts of her cancer treatments that she managed to get under control using CBD. “My dear relative, who was concurrently enduring similar treatments, researched medical cannabis, and as he experienced much relief from the use of these products, he encouraged me to give it a try.”

When Jenny saw the TerraVida sign pop up, she immediately wanted to be a part of the holistic industry. “I was at a crossroads in my career, deciding whether to finish my nursing degree that was interrupted by my diagnosis, or to go back to work,” she stated. Although Jenny respects and appreciates traditional medicine, she feels as though there needs to be a greater focus on alternative treatments for improved holistic care. “I chose TerraVida as it felt more like a natural progression on my healing journey.”

As a patient care coordinator, Jenny enjoys being the first point of contact when patients enter the facility. With a background in mental health counseling and customer service, she really enjoys interacting with the patients. “It’s so important to be kind to people because you never know what they are experiencing behind the scenes,” she said. “The relief that TerraVida can provide to so many patients who essentially are the walking wounded is immeasurable. I've seen it first hand in the short amount of time I've been working here. I'm proud to be a part of the solution.”

Now, Jenny lives her life to the fullest. When she isn’t helping patients, she enjoys traveling with her family, learning new languages, photography, snowboarding, hiking, food, wine, and more! She is also actively involved with Unite for HER, a non-profit foundation providing complementary and alternative therapies free of charge for women undergoing breast cancer treatment and beyond. Make sure to say hello to Jenny at our Abington location!

Welcome to the TerraVida Team, Jenny!


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