National Pharmacist Day 2019

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Over the years, the role of Pharmacists have shifted from a primary role of dispensing medication, to becoming an integral member of the health care team directly involved with the care of patients. Today, for National Pharmacists Day, we recognize some of our Medical Professionals who assist various Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana patients during their journey with this alternative medication; as they monitor the health and progress of patients, and ensure their safe and effective use of medication.

Get to know a little more about your TerraVida Pharmacists:


Sharon J. grew up in a small independent corner pharmacy. As a small child, she would sit on the counter, watching the Pharmacists compound medications for the patients in need of relief from their various ailments. This is when she discovered her love of healing and helping. Throughout most of her career she worked for independent pharmacies, with a stint in the mail-order and long term care sections. When Pennsylvania passed ACT 16, she saw how medical marijuana changed, not only her own, but the lives of her loved ones. Now she can live by her own motto of paying it forward!


Becky M. has been a community pharmacist for the past 14 years, with a focus on providing exceptional patient care and customer service in a retail setting. She fervently believes that a successful practice meets the needs of patients and families by partnering with other healthcare providers community outreach and education. Fueled by patients demanding alternative options to manage their severe symptoms, she began  researching the pharmacology of cannabinoids and their enormous potential for customizing treatment for many chronic conditions. As a pharmacist at TerraVida, as well as hearing so many life changing patient stories over the past year, the decision of entering the industry has been the most rewarding experiences of her career thus far.


Greg B has been in Pharmacy Industry since 2000 after graduating from the University of Sciences in Philadelphia. He had started his career as a pharmacy intern at Nazareth Hospital and moved his way up to an ICU clinical pharmacist. Eventually he transitioned to ExcelleRx in 2006, where he worked in their hospice call center. During the last couple of years, he knew that his calling was somewhere else, and could not find a position that fit his passions until he discovered TerraVida this past August. He loves meeting new patients and hearing their stories as he assists them in finding ways that cannabis can help them as it has so many other people!


Dan H. started his career working as an intern at The Hospital of UPenn while he studied at University of the Sciences, and then primarily as a retail pharmacist at Rite Aid for several years after graduating.  However, he had been interested in cannabis as a medicine early on in pharmacy school. He extensively researched the success other states were having treating people with cannabis for various conditions, and it had become clear that it truly helped. But what were the downsides? Why has cannabis been demonized by some while others seemed to love and celebrate it? As he read on, he saw that cannabis has been used safely as medicine for thousands of years and the prohibition of this plant amounted to major hypocrisy and injustice. He strongly believes there is no legitimate reason why this plant was off-limits for research or as a tool to safely treat disease while various powerfully addictive and toxic drugs were freely over-prescribed and over-dispensed. He reiterates the social, racial, and economic injustice of incarcerating millions of people for simply possessing this herb, while causing no harm to anyone else. With these ideas in mind, he has always thought to be part of the change towards legalization. Dan was grateful when Pennsylvania decided to implement the medical marijuana program, and has been a daily thrill for him to share the benefits of cannabis as a pharmacist with TerraVida.


Ralph C. graduated from University of the Sciences in 2009. Prior to working in the medical marijuana industry, he worked in retail pharmacy and a long-term care pharmacy. He came to work for TerraVida because he knew that cannabis would open up a vast array of treatment opportunities for many patients that previously had no relief from the various conditions from which they suffer. He finds that being able to consult and interact with patients and help them through their journey is extremely rewarding; being a part of a movement that removes the negative stigma that surrounds cannabis and having it be viewed as a viable treatment option is something that he is ecstatic to be a part of.

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