Staff Spotlight: Kimmy B.


"I applied to TerraVida because I wanted to work for a company that would allow me to help patients, while also expanding my own knowledge of Pennsylvania's Medical Marijuana program." Kimmy stated.

From a young age, Kimmy has been well acquainted with the wondrous relief that medicinal cannabis brings those with debilitating and life-altering illnesses. Working in Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and in zero-tolerance states, she has witnessed first-hand how marijuana prohibition affects the lives of so many. “I am thankful to be working for a company that allows me to guide those in need of relief with a holistic alternative.”

For years, Kimmy has battled chronic pain that occurred after undergoing numerous surgeries. “Medical Marijuana was the “miracle drug” that finally brought me prolonged relief and gave me control over my own health,” she said. “Everybody deserves to experience this!”

When she is not helping patients in the dispensary, you can find Kimmy at local karaoke nights and enjoying Philadelphia's live music. "My hidden talent is that I know most song lyrics, and I'll never say no to a challenge!" Welcome to the team, Kimmy!