TerraVida In The News

TerraVida in the news.

TerraVida opens medical marijuana dispensary in Sellersville

SELLERSVILLE >> Don’t bother digging through TerraVida Holistic Centers’ trash for freebies from the medical marijuana dispensary.

“Our Dumpsters will be locked and there will be no marijuana in them,” said Chris Visco, TerraVida president and co-owner. “By law, we can’t dispose of any, so anybody who thinks that they’re gonna come to our trash cans and find scraps, they’re not.”

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Medical Marijuana Now Available in Sellersville

TerraVida co-owner Chris Visco says, the Sellersville, Bucks County location is open at 64 North Main Street. Visco says, she was inspired to join the field after finding out about a young girl in Colorado who was having 100 seizures a day. Visco says, The girl’s mother agreed to allow her daughter to have marijuana oil, dropping the seizures to just a few per month.

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